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Who We Are

In 1969, Arya Coupling Company, set up its activities in designing and manufacturing industrial molds, and expanded its scope of business through the activities in casting and plastics industries. Over the time, thank to its hardworking, specialized and dynamic personnel, according to the needs of the domestic market in the country, this company started designing and manufacturing aluminum and brass fittings based on international standards in the safety and firefighting industry and succeeded to stand among best brands in the field of designing and producing a wide range of firefighting equipment according to national and international standards in the country. The quality of products and the desire in boosting knowledge and dynamism of this company led to a self-sufficiency base for the production of firefighting equipment needed for a variety of residential and commercial buildings, fire stations and organizations, large urban projects and industrial complexes.


As noted above, the main activity of the Arya Coupling Company in the fire-fighting industry is the production of fire-fighting equipment and components. The main trend of product formation is that at first the research and development department considers the conditions of manufacturing a product in terms of sensitivity, type and consumption needs in local and international market, production and performance standards, feasibility and other effective conditions, and then the final decision on adding a new product to the product portfolio of the target markets is made.


After conducting the initial investigations, collecting the scientific resources and the main standards in production, Arya Coupling Design Department, designs plots and arranges the final technical objectives and functional characteristics of the product. Accordingly, the production and inspection process are defined and prototyping begins. It should be noted that the result of the floating and creative design policy in this company has led in producing parts which are not copied and have unique qualifications. Products not only comply with the global standards requirements, but beyond them, are subjected to performance improvements based on the type of use and the characteristics of local and climatic factors.

Modern design and process simulation softwares are the main tools for the highly skilled designers of Arya Coupling.


Due to the wide scope of the existing mechanisms in the firefighting industry, activities in the field of producing related components require the use of a wide range of process equipment. Arya Coupling is proud of taking effective steps in producing high quality, diverse products with the policy of continuous optimizing its devices, machinery and production methods.

Production process includes: die-casting, sand casting, forging, plastics injection, precise machining using a wide range of CNC machines with unique performance and characteristics including cutting , Punching, bending, SMAW, GMAW welding, either manual and automatic by modern machines and experienced operators, electrostatic furnace line equipped with a rigging, rolling, press with different weights and capabilities, metal forming, drilling equipments, spark and etc. based on all above, it is possible for us to produce the highest quality components and a wide range of process variations. A 50 year experience in molding industry has been an important factor in the innovative design and high quality of Arya Coupling products.

Quality Control

Despite careful examination and comprehensive research, precise design and extensive facilities, as well as the use of experienced and specialized manpower in the manufacturing sector, attention to the quality control unit due to the high sensitivity of the products in firefighting industry is the main priority of the management of Arya Coupling Company.

All products manufactured by Arya Coupling are included in quality control planning, despite their diversity and diversity. In fact, randomized inspections are not approved in the policy of this company and all parts are inspected in accordance with the QC guidelines without exception. Also, despite the availability of special measuring laboratories including a variety of precise control tools and control gauges, hydrostatic testing facilities for all product groups, a comprehensive laboratory with performance control equipment in accordance with international standards, non-destructive testing equipment, Thickness Testing and Paint Adhesion test and etc. we are in constant contact with well-known laboratories and reputable research institutes such as Razi Metallurgy Center, Razi Scientific Applied Research Institute, Oil Industry Research Institute and other organizations to ensure the complete satisfaction of the quality of our products.


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