What is the standard height for the installation of the cabinet from the ground?

According to the fire department's requirements, the height for fitting cabinets with the size of 75 * 60 is determined 110 cm from the floor. Also, the height of the center of the pulley in the cabinet from the floor is recommended from 140 to 160 cm.

How long should the hose reel be for building?

This length depends on the distance between the cabinet installation location and the furthest point in the floor space, including at least 5 meters of water fountain by the nozzle.

What depth is considered in the cabinet for 3/4" and 1"pulleis with hose reel with 20, 25 and 30 meters length?

According to the production requirements: 1.For 3/4" pulleys with 20 meters , suitable depth is 17 cm. 2. For 3/4" pulleys with 25 meters , suitable depth is 20 cm. 3. For 3/4" pulleys with 30 meters , suitable depth is 20 cm. 4. For 1" pulleys with 20 meters , suitable depth is 25 cm. 5. For 1" pulleys with 25 meters , suitable depth is 30 cm. 6. For 1" pulleys with 30 meters , suitable depth is 30 cm.

In projects where the input riser is 1.5" and it is required to use hose reel, should the input risers be changed?

No. According to the type of hose reel, the STORZ adaptor including 1.5" X 3/4" or 1" X 1.5 "can be used and it is not needed to change the input size.

What is the discharge rate of Arya nozzles?

The discharge nozzle is calculated on the formula L = 2/3 d ^ 2 √p ,according to the hydraulic calculations while designing fire systems which varies depending on the size of the nozzles. In this formula: L: water discharge in liters per minute d: nozzle outlet diameter in millimeters P: nozzle pressure in bars

What is the thickness of the sheet used in the production of Arya fire cabinets?

There is the ability to produce cabinets of different thicknesses. However, the sheets used in routine cabinets are 1 mm thick, with a powder coating of electrostatic paint, the thickness is 1.2 to 1.3 mm.

How to apply for being an agent?

By visiting the website and click on "work with us" and completing the agency / agent form, you can enter the required information and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Is it possible to have the logo on fire cabinets?

Yes. This process is carried out by the laser machine on request.
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