Arya Coupling Products


  • Hinges connected to the box by 4 thick screws and bolts, resistant to curvature, with apparent beauty, multi-stage nickel and chromium plating
  • All welds are protected by carbon dioxide gas
  • Electrostatic powder coating of 80 to 100 microns thickness. 4 standard washings before painting and all stages performed at a suitable temperature.
  • Cross-Cut Test - Salt Spray Test - Shock Test on paint is done
  • Inlet pipe and valve on both sides of the box with a quick detachment of the body with no damage to the paint coating
  • The ability to change the input of pipes
  • Two-step bending on the edge of the doors and reinforcement plate to increase the resistance
  • Sealing rubber seals on the original frame
  • providing a hallow F to better capturing the box and circulate the air inside to prevent the decay of the internal components (sliding behind the space F can be ordered in a flexi-face)
  • Pulley stand supported by 3 mm steel sheet
  • drilling holes in the back of the box before painting to make it easy to install and prevent damage to the paint coating and rust.
  • Base for nozzle and reinforcement of the body connection by screw
  • both door and outer frame levels for greater protection
  • Suitable packaging to prevent damage to the product in transit
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