Customer Relationship Management

How has the concept of “customer” changed during the time?

In order to mention the era of production, Ford and its production of the T-model is one of the best ways to address that era. In the era of production, due to the lack of a competitive market, as well as the inside-out view of the manufacturers, all of their planning and actions took place in their internal standards. Anyone who requested a product or service had to choose among limited options and what was there.

As the industry improved and the market got depressed in the 1970s and 80s, companies paid more attention to quality and tried to increase the quality of their products and services, as well as the use of attractive ads to introduce their product or service and attract their audience, but still their view was inside- out and they still relied on their knowledge and expertise, which was determining the path of production and quality improvement.

Gradually, companies found that they had to tailor the needs and requirements of their customers to the design and creation of their products and services. At that time, the term Customer Relationship Management (CRM) was formed, and its implications quickly influenced corporate strategic goals. So, the traditional competitive market approach, in which the basis of competition was only production and its quality, changed into close competition between companies and businesses in the acquisition of information and the recognition of customers and their needs and desires.

In today's huge, modern markets, only companies survive, which areshaping and delivering their products and services around the core of customer-driven tendencies and values.


Customer Relationship Management at Arya Coupling Co

Arya Coupling Industrial and Production Company is a leading brand in product and technology with a growth and development approach based on the most innovative solutions to delivering products and services to customers, as well as years of successful interaction with its customers since the early 2016, set up a Customer Relationship Management Unit and launch a large project in this section. The project began with the goal of in-depth review and analysis of customer needs and achieving solutions to deliver the best possible products and services to them.


Long-term co-operation with our customers is our most important goal

The Customer Relationship Management System consists of four main stages as bellow:

  • Target group identification
  • Customer Attraction
  • Customer retention
  • Developing customer relationships

Identifying and attracting customers through different channels has been applying in many companies and organizations for years, and all activities in these organizations focus on advertising and customer attraction. At Arya Coupling, the most important step in customer relationship management is customer retention and the development of relationships with them. Here, due to the high sensitivity of the efficiency and desirable performance of products and services in the protection of human life and property, the day-to-day efforts of our specialist and dynamic forces are aimed at identifying the needs of customers. Provided that, designing products and solutions at the highest quality, which is also considered as the highest Value, brings "a guarantee of human security and peace" for customers.

All the staff at Arya Coupling Co. believe that only through the creation of value in the personal and social life of customers, it is possible to continue to be a valuable and leading brand in the industry. This value cannot be created except by designing and producing the highest quality standard products that are available to customers while the beauty and eye-catching quality is also noticed, along with the quick services associated with the simplest methods.

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